Having It All

The idea of having it all is somewhat alien in our society, as it smacks of greed.

We are taught to be thankful for what we are given by government on all levels as they know what is best for us, and many people would not think of challenging authority as they are supposed to know more than we do.

In these current circumstances we challenge all those ideas, as we believe that Lewisham Council is in the process of making a grave mistake in deciding to destroy the golf course. Their decision was made after canvassing about 200 people out of a combined population of 29,000 in the Bellingham and Downham wards.

We have the signatures of nearly 8,000 people who think they are wrong.

We want it all: We want to keep the golf course, we want the Mansion House and Homesteads restored, we want a children’s playground, we want an adventure area for older children and youths, we want an all weather multi-use sports area to include 5-a-side football.

We want tennis courts, we want a sheltered quiet area for older and less able people, we want good quality toilet facilities in the east and west areas, we want reasonably priced catering available, we want pedestrians and cyclist to be able to co-exist on some new and interesting paths.

Are we asking too much? We don’t think so, and yet the council officers carrying out this scheme have not engaged with the large body of park users who reject the Council’s idea of a large lake and no golf course.

Which is why we set up the Beckenham Place Park Community Trust in an effort to take the park into the control of the community. We may fail in our attempt because of the blinkered attitude of the council but we will have given it our best shot.

Paul Lawn
Save The Beckenham 18 Committee Member